to appear and disappear

Illuminated by a bright and merciless light, the city plays itself.

On arriving in Venice I quickly encountered its many contradicting characters. I found myself wondering how difficult it must be to own a dog here. Yet, almost everybody seemed to have one - or at least in my memory it certainly appeared so.
It seems as if the city multiplies its characteristics, creating an extreme example of itself. Venice is present and undeniably, a city that everybody recognizes on sight. I focused on the city’s characteristics, highlighting and emphasizing them while at the same time also suggesting another identity; the one parallel to the well-known scene, the image of the daily life that lies behind a massive stone wall, across a bridge, around the corner, in the shadows and on the edge of the image. By wandering aimlessly through the maze of streets - concrete or liquid, ending or endless, connecting or disruptive - I discovered the edges and the holes in the decor, without ever leaving the play itself.


This project was commissioned by the art-collective FRONDE. Fronde is a group that believes in the art process as a tool to create possibilities and imagine new actions for the space we live in. Fronde is based in Venice and is trying to foster interaction in the public space of the city through artistic interventions, promoting the exchange between different populations (residents, passers-by, kids, students and the elderly) and stimulate social processes.
Fronde is part of Metricubi, a cultural association active in Venice since 2009.